Freelance Travel Network Course by Danielle Thompson

Freelance Travel Network Course

A step by step guide to quitting your job and starting your own freelance design business.

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You want to increase you income...on your terms

You know you're worth more than they're paying you and it's frustrating. You know it will take years to climb the pay ladder. 

You want freedom of location and time

During the pandemic we learned quickly that the only certainty is what we create for ourselves. We also learned that we can our jobs from anywhere in the world. 

Introducing the Freelance Travel Network Course

The Freelance Travel Network Course is a 15-day online program built for freelancers. We help designer start and scale their business so they can travel the world. 
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What Does the FTN Course Include?

15 Day Online Course

The Freelance Travel Network course is a 15-day program that will get you from wherever you are to Freelance Freedom! This course is designed to not only help you reach the income of your dream but the lifestyle of your dream. Say goodbye to the 9-5. It’s time you got lifestyle upgrade, isn’t it?

Interactive Worksheets for Each Module

Practice your newly gain skills with fun interactive worksheet. The interactive worksheets will serve you long after this course as they help with rention (so you won’t forget any of that new awesome knowledge!)

Group Coaching

Need an extra pair of eyes on that proposal before you send it off? Not sure what to charge on your next project? Group coaching is a powerful opportunity to connect with other freelancers in the FTN tribe, get advice and have direct access to me!

Scripts and Email Swipe Files

Why spend hours writing your next proposal when you could use one that has already helped me bring in $1000’s of dollars. No need to start from scratch. Steal my best email, scripts and proposal templates.

Lifetime Community Access

You’re not alone on this journey. You'll get lifetime access to our paid community called "Design Club." We have weekly live streams and monthly challenges to keep you growing. 

Unlock Bonuses By Completing Modules

Get rewarded for learning. We’ve put together a collection of amazing bonuses that you unlock simply by watching the course. These aren’t your normal bonuses, these ones you certainly don’t want to miss.

🔥 Gift#1: The best damn sales script for freelancers


Some people are master salespeople. 

I am not. Most creatives are not. And it's fine.

We don't have to play weird marketing games and sound all slick in order to sell ourselves. 

In fact, we can sell ourselves best by being authentic and truthful.

And that's what this script is all about. Selling yourself well by being yourself.

🔥 Gift #2: Handling Difficult Conversations - Scripts for Freelancers


When I was working with new clients, I would continuously run into situations in which I just wish I knew what to say.

But I didn't know.

And it was awkward.

I ended up saying the wrong thing and losing client work.

Or saying nothing and losing client work.

Or spending hours trying to figure out what they want. Losing sleep, energy, and faith in humanity.

So the second gift is my FTN ebook on handing difficult client conversations, based on my experience, on what worked with clients time and time again.

So you can navigate your next client situation with ease. 

And not lose time or business.

🔥 Gift #3: Lifetime Access to our paid community "Design Club"


This one does have a catch.

It's only for those who pay in full for the course. 

You'll have access to a network full of amazing designers.

Weekly live sessions of topics like Growth Hacking LinkedIn and Finding Your Dream Client. 

Weekly gig list so you never have to look for another freelance job again. 

More Than Just an Online Course

The Freelance Travel Network is a lifestyle, a movement!

Here's what's included
✅ Amazing Community of Freelancers
✅ Group Online Coaching
✅ Alumni Status Upon Completion
✅ Access to Invitation-Only Trips
✅ Lifetime Access
✅ A new mindset that just might change your life
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Freelance Travel Network is right for you if...

🏰 You have a vision
Maybe you haven’t taken the big leap but you have a vision. You may not know exactly what you want you life to look like, but how you’re current living is not it. You know you’re mean to be doing something bigger and you’re ready.

🛫 You want to travel the world
You’ve been facilitated by other countries and cultures for years. You list of must-sees just seems to be getting longer. You love your friends and family at home but you’re ready for a change. The idea of being a nomad is thrilling and you’re ready.

💪 You’re willing to put in the work
You’re different from most people. You understand that building a freelance business is no joke. You may have taken the first steps but you’re ready to put in the work to really grow. You know you’re leaving money on the table, you just don’t know how to access it.

Yes, that's me!

People ❤ the Course

Hear from Joe, a designer from the UK, speak about his experience with the Freelance Travel Network.

Money Back Guarantee

🙂 14 days 
🙊 No Questions Asked

Your satisfaction is important to us, which is why we offer a no questions asked 14-day refund period – guaranteed!

What's included?

Module 1 - Getting Started

Learn how to set an amazing foundation for your freelance business.

Module 2 - Portfolio

Turn your portfolio into your best salesperson.

Module 3 - Finding Clients

Finding Clients who Understand Your Value

Module 4 - Pitching

My best-kept secret to get new clients

Module 5 - Earning More

Raising your rate without losing clients


What makes this course so great?

The Freelance Travel Network course is built for designers. The course will teach you a valuable skill set that’s very different from the creative skill you already have. Finding clients that you love and who can pay you the rates you deserve is the foundation for a successful freelance business. It’s also the foundation for a happy career! The FTN course will give you a tool box that you can use to grow your freelance business into the dream you want it to be. 

How long does it take to complete the course?

The FTN course is made up of 5 modules and each module has 3 days worth of material to cover. The entire course takes 15 days in total, which we recommend. However, all modules are available to you at once, so you can take the course at whatever pace suits you best!

Do I need to be a total pro of a designer to get results?

No, we designed Freelance Travel Network to work for designer freelancer from all levels. 

What format is the course content delivered in?

The course materials are a combination of videos, notes, and interactive worksheets. Most of the course is in video format where you’ll see your mentor Danielle speaking to you from Bali, Indonesia – living in her freelance dream-come-true. Learn about your marketing message while watching a beautiful rice field or picking your niche while hearing ocean waves!

Do you teach me how to launch my freelance business?

Freelance Travel Network is laser-focused on the strategies and psychology that go into getting your better clients. You’ll learn the secrets to creating a business around abundance.

Will this course teach me how to freelance abroad?

Ultimately, yes! In our course, we show you the systems you’ll need to keep your freelance business running smoothly. Once you’re in control of your work, you’ll have the mindset and confidence you need to start traveling the world.

How long do I have access to this course?

Access is forever! Register and you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials and permanent alumni status in our community.

What else is included in the course?

In addition to our awesome course material – which you’ll have access to forever – you’ll have access to mentors, who you can consult whenever you’re facing an obstacle. You’ll also join the FTN tribe – a worldwide network of creative freelancers offering each other advice, insight, and even collaboration opportunities. Lastly – every student of the FTN course will also receive access to exclusive gigs and jobs only available to the FTN tribe.

Isn't most of this information already available online for free?

There are many great resources available online for free – but it’s hard to find what you need. There’s a lot of noise out there that can be misleading and not helpful. Instead of vague techniques and generalised hacks, this program is focused on the core strategies and perspectives that I’ve personally watched improve tons of freelancers’ careers – and it’s structured it in a way to provide you maximum value in the shortest time!

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

We sure do! Your satisfaction is important to us, which is why we offer a no questions asked 14-day refund period – guaranteed!